Another Year

There is an irony to creation. I have found that the harder I work on something, the less ownership I have over it. The more I put into it, the less it is mine. So it is only with great humility that I can present you with our latest album, Another Year.

This music is lush, organic, optimistic, and unlike anything we’ve done before. It was made collaboratively, built around each individual’s unique sensibilities and bound together by our mutual respect. I love this album and the people who made it. This year has certainly taught me that the best thing about making art is that it’s a good excuse for friends to get together.

We had planned for a Fall release, and are sticking to that in the sense that physical copies are now available, but we are saving the digital/streaming release for when we can safely put on a live release show. You can sample the first third of the album below:

1) Sand I / 2) Torn / 3) Pictures / 4) Ventriloquist

CD’s are pay what you want (+ $3 s/h) from now through the end of October. They include a CD, digipak, mp3s, and 9 individual lyric postcards. We accept Paypal or Venmo. Order by emailing us at

There may also be a buried treasure.

Full Tracklist:

1) Sand I
2) Torn / 3) Pictures / 4) Ventriloquist
5) Sand II
6) Growing / 7) Scrimshaw / 8) Ash
9) Sand III
10) Release / 11) Crochet / 12) Stories
13) Sand IV


Created by David Lindstrom: Josh Pfohl: Bass // Nina Nelson: Mallet Percussion, Vocals // Matt Nelson: Guitars, Oud, Vocals, Sand, Orchestrations, Visuals // Devin Tomczik: Drums, Percussion

Additional performances: Matt Dehnbostel: Violin, Viola // Sean Jacobson: Trumpet, Trombone

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Nelson at Greenspeak Studio. Additional Field Recordings captured onsite across Minnesota and Iceland. Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rareform Mastering

Dedicated to our parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren.

Thank you for listening and have a great Fall!

Symmetry of Snow

            Snowflakes are cool. I often forget this, but it just takes a good look in between swear fueled shovels of snow to remember that each one is a tiny pointless little masterpiece forged in the chaos of nature by no one for no reason. I don’t know why they look like that or why I would think that that is a cool way to look, but I enjoy the fact that I enjoy them.

            People are cool. I often forget this, but it just take a good look in between swear fueled bouts of road rage to remember that each one is a tiny pointless masterpiece that awoke from dust to feel pain, yell at things, and fear its return to dust. I don’t know why they look that way or why I would think that that is a cool way to look, but I enjoy the fact that I enjoy them.

Everything is cursed into perfect balance. Merry Christmas!


Brother, now father, and father: grandfather
And grandfather left years ago
Ice clouded grass, waiting winter to pass
Time frozen and stilted in growth

Sister, now mother, and mother: grandmother
And grandmother knew when to go
Rows of streetlights all begin to ignite
Weaving shadows long over the road

Then all life stops
Feather drop
Of tiny flakes
In perfect shape

Soft white felt
Quick to melt
Fleeting Beauty
The symmetry of snow

Student, now teacher, and teacher will teach
All the students to teach and then know
Stalactites of ice draping branches of pine
Under glass marble moons hanging low

Tomorrow’s today and today: yesterday
And yesterday is so long ago
The next year will pass once again in a flash
And the infants to grandparents grow

Then all life stops
Feather drop
Of tiny flakes
In perfect shape

As they fell,
A god of grace
I saw its face
My grandma died
My niece arrived
Fleeting Beauty
The symmetry of snow

Fast Driving Cars

            This is a piece that I wrote in the spirit of Thanksgiving and fast cars. It was written freely without an agenda or even idea to convey, so it’s full of non-sequiturs. Still, the mind can’t really do “randomness” so the results are, at least for me, evocative. I have a lot of tangental thoughts about it that I considered sharing here but I don’t want to pollute any interpretation, so instead here are some sick pictures of fast cars that I drew as a kid.

Fast Driving Cars
HELL YEAH! Look at those trucks hitting it head on in a stadium! Looks like one of the cars only has 4 wheels… HUGE MISTAKE! Unless those two can un-pancake their engines, I think there is a pretty clear winner here.
WOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!! Look at that puppy PULL! Look at the SUSPENSION, look at the ROLL CAGE WIND-SHEILD, look at the TREAD!! Whoever was driving that dopey little box car should be thankful that this miracle of modern engineering was there to tow it. Dang, that small car appears to be OFF THE GROUND and flying through the air because of the near impossible speeds that this thing can !TUG! at.
WHEW!!! I COULD USE ONE OF THOSE RIGHT NOW!!!!! This is a true dream car for any Minnesotan who is about to enter into the snowy winter months. Fricken SKIS on the front!? Looks cold out there, but this snow dog is still RUNNIN HOT!!! LOOKS AT THOSE FUMES! Pretty dope perspective on the chassis of that hunk as well.


Oh my god this car drives fast
Took us to a field of ash
Red eyes and feeling faint
Lead foot and severed brakes
God, you know the way I pray
Never knowing what to say
And the way I fold my hands
Palming all my contraband
Oh my god this car needs gas
An Oil change and renewed tabs
Look at all the chipping paint
Radiator’s rusted tank
God you know I only pray
When I’m desperate and afraid
And the way I bow my head
Instead of reverence only dread
Somewhere I have made a wrong turn casually
How could I have not seen what’s in front of me
Oh my friends I hope you find
The life that you had in mind
You all are spread too thin
No time for maintenance
And if you let me go
I’ll consider it an act of hope
We all can see the cracks
And no one calls each other back
Somewhere I have made a wrong turn casually
How could I have not seen what’s in front of me
In cars that drive this fast
Everything blurs past
At such a break-neck pace
We all could use some grace
God you know I never pray
But I’m always giving thanks

Have a great Thanksgiving folks!

Stickerbush Symphony

            This addition to the graveyard is a (personal) classic and lighthearted instrumental piece from circa 2010, a time when I would spend a lot of time improvising and editing little tunes, usually in one sitting, to practice recording. It is classic to me because of how reminiscent it is of one of my favorite video game compositions of all time:

            I don’t remember trying to emulate Stickerbush Symphony but I did play a lot of Donkey Kong so… the hook’s in deep.

            In other news, I’m writing a lot of holiday music for the holidays so look forward to that in the coming weeks. Follow this blog if necessary.

I could do a Tedx talk on Donkey Kong music.

Alone in My Head

            I’ve never been all that active in sharing my music. It has existed mostly as a creative reflux, bubbling up on its own and embarrassing me when anyone found out about it. I’ve always had a great interest in listening to my friend’s music, but for the 15 years that I’ve been recording my creations, I’ve only recently entertained the idea that they would interested in listening to mine. It was a simple epiphany: Humans are not dissimilar. If you are interested in someone else’s music, someone else is interested in yours.

            Recently, sitting at my studio computer while listening to a recording that was released by a friend, I realized that I wanted to be closer to it. I wanted to know how they recorded it, how they wrote it, how they mixed it, but as with most independent music, these details were undocumented. Once again, my eye’s focus softened and sat upon my own image reflected in the monitor as I thought, “If you are interested in someone else’s creative process, someone else is interested in yours”.

            After weeks of failed equivocation, here I am writing the first post in my creative blog.

            So as our band stumbles through the process of creating our next album, I intend to update this weekly with overly honest posts showcasing poor miking techniques, overworked mixes, and under-rehearsed performances, finally exposing us as the degenerate frauds we are. Either that or it will nurture a deeper connection between the abyss of ourselves and the bounty of our shared humanity.

Probably a little bit of both.