HBD – TWLITF – 20Y // In Metal

I remember driving on one misty day in central Minnesota. The hills were neatly plowed like some giant zen garden and the clouds meandered through them, slow and steady. I’m listening to Low’s 2001 album “Things We Lost in the Fire”. The drive is long and uninterrupted. There is no traffic. It is Sunday afternoon. The album plays out and I am pulled deeper and deeper in with each track. I’m in another world.

Music can so perfectly outline a moment.

Happy 20th birthday to one of my very favorite albums: Thing’s We Lost in the Fire

To celebrate, I’ve recorded a cover of the album’s closing track “In Metal”.


Filling holes with tiny sounds
Shiny from the inside out
Picture of you where it began
In metal
In metal

Partly hate to see you grow
And just like your baby shoes
Wish I could keep your tiny body
In metal
In metal
In metal