Obscure Folks

David Lindstrom is a Minnesotan folk rock band dedicated to creating intricate craft music for the adventurous listener.

Devin Tomczik – Drums
Nina Zywicki – Percussion
Matt Nelson – Guitar/Vocal
Josh Pfohl – Bass

David Lindstrom began as the songwriting/recording project of Matt Nelson to reconcile the modernist compositions he wrote in college classes with the soft finger-style guitar he would play in his free time. The project transitioned into a collaboration during the creation of “Gilded Prayer” and then into a live act shortly after its release. They are currently recording their 4th studio album.

“captivating, haunting, abstract and perplexing” -Nanobot Rock
“rhythmically complex and creatively engaging” -Divide and Conquer
“David Lindstrom is quite tasteful with their experimentation… the band has serious musical chops” -Bucketlist