Fast Driving Cars

            This is a piece that I wrote in the spirit of Thanksgiving and fast cars. It was written freely without an agenda or even idea to convey, so it’s full of non-sequiturs. Still, the mind can’t really do “randomness” so the results are, at least for me, evocative. I have a lot of tangental thoughts about it that I considered sharing here but I don’t want to pollute any interpretation, so instead here are some sick pictures of fast cars that I drew as a kid.

Fast Driving Cars
HELL YEAH! Look at those trucks hitting it head on in a stadium! Looks like one of the cars only has 4 wheels… HUGE MISTAKE! Unless those two can un-pancake their engines, I think there is a pretty clear winner here.
WOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!! Look at that puppy PULL! Look at the SUSPENSION, look at the ROLL CAGE WIND-SHEILD, look at the TREAD!! Whoever was driving that dopey little box car should be thankful that this miracle of modern engineering was there to tow it. Dang, that small car appears to be OFF THE GROUND and flying through the air because of the near impossible speeds that this thing can !TUG! at.
WHEW!!! I COULD USE ONE OF THOSE RIGHT NOW!!!!! This is a true dream car for any Minnesotan who is about to enter into the snowy winter months. Fricken SKIS on the front!? Looks cold out there, but this snow dog is still RUNNIN HOT!!! LOOKS AT THOSE FUMES! Pretty dope perspective on the chassis of that hunk as well.


Oh my god this car drives fast
Took us to a field of ash
Red eyes and feeling faint
Lead foot and severed brakes
God, you know the way I pray
Never knowing what to say
And the way I fold my hands
Palming all my contraband
Oh my god this car needs gas
An Oil change and renewed tabs
Look at all the chipping paint
Radiator’s rusted tank
God you know I only pray
When I’m desperate and afraid
And the way I bow my head
Instead of reverence only dread
Somewhere I have made a wrong turn casually
How could I have not seen what’s in front of me
Oh my friends I hope you find
The life that you had in mind
You all are spread too thin
No time for maintenance
And if you let me go
I’ll consider it an act of hope
We all can see the cracks
And no one calls each other back
Somewhere I have made a wrong turn casually
How could I have not seen what’s in front of me
In cars that drive this fast
Everything blurs past
At such a break-neck pace
We all could use some grace
God you know I never pray
But I’m always giving thanks

Have a great Thanksgiving folks!

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